Premium Luminor Ultraviolet lamps. Full range of lamps – domestic, commercial, municipal, validated and specialty lamps:

Domestic Range (Blackcomb Series)

  • 7.6 – 150 litres per min
  • 2-40°C
  • max pressure 10.3 Bar
  • low pressure coated lamps for consistent output for the life of the lamp
  • upgrade options
  • 3 year controller warranty, 10 year reactor warranty


Validated UV – Luminor Blackcomb NSF55 Class A

  • NSF55 Class A systems, NZ Drinking Water standards compliant
  • Normal flows up to 68 lph
  • 99.99% destruction of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts
  • colour interface with system diagnosis
  • 3 year controller warranty, 10 year reactor warranty


Commercial & Industrial/Municipal UV Disinfection

Luminor Rainier series 132 lpm to 662 lpm:

Luminor K2 series 659 lpm to 2360 lpm:


  • modular control panel with LED display of lamp life, running hours, lamp failure and remote on
  • reliable low pressure lamps with ceramic bases for durability
  • constant current electronic ballast in IP54 case
  • 316SS polished reactors


Specialty UV Disinfection & Accessories

  • 12V models
  • Hot water systems
  • Low UVT systems
  • Total Organic Carbon Reduction Systems
  • LED Series
  • Optional extras