EMEC PRISMA Stepper Motor-Driven Diaphragm Pumps

EMEC PRISMA is the new range of stepper motor driven diaphragm dosing pumps featuring high turndown ratio and extremely precise dosing.  The stepper motor and the multi-function software mean PRISMA pumps offer complete control over dosing speeds and working modes, as well as great flexibility and repeatability, meeting even complex application needs.

PRISMA pumps are foot mounted, with multi-colour status display and encoder knob for easy programming and setup.

PRISMA pumps are available with PVDF, PMMA or stainless heads.


  • microprocessor controlled stepper motor for accurate and smooth dosing
  • turndown ratio 4800:1
  • slow suction modes for viscous media
  • double ball check valve
  • colour status display
  • multi-function operating modes  (constant, ppm, %, mlq, pause-work, weekly, pulse, mA, Volt and batch)
  • MODBUS option available

Pump Sizes

PRISMA Stepper- Motor Pumps
ModelPressure (Bar)Flow (l/h)PVDF
Injection Hose
Suction Hose
PRISMA 20012014x64x6
PRISMA 25022524x64x6
PRISMA 20052054x64x6
PRISMA 167.5167.54x64x6
PRISMA 101310136x86x8
PRISMA 07207206x86x8
PRISMA 05285288x108x12
PRISMA 04504508x108x12
PRISMA 02802808x108x12

Datasheet,  Catalogue page

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