EMEC Injection Valves and Foot Valves

1/2” Injection Valves
3/4” Injection Valves
1&1/2” Injection Valves
Foot Valves
Level Switches for Foot Valves

EMEC Injection Lances and Suction Lances

Injection Lances
Suction Lances

Multifunction Valves, Flow Sensors, Calibration Cylinders, Pump Mounting Brackets and Pulsation Dampeners

Multifunction Valves,  Prius Pressure relief Valves

EMEC Flow sensors
Calibration Cylinders

Pump Mounting Brackets
Pulsation Dampeners

EMEC Connection Sets

Connection Sets & Valve Bodies

Chemical Tubing

PVC, PVDF and PE tubing for Metering Pumps, available per metre or in 50m rolls

Installation Kits for Prius

Prius Accessory Kits

Polyethylene Chemical Dosing Tanks

Chemical Tanks

Tank mounted Visual Level Indicators