Water Quality Test Strips

  • Sensafe (ITS) Water Quality Test Strips for a range of common tests including chlorine, Iron, pH, Nitrates and Nitrites.
  • Palintest Water Hardness Test Tablets
  • Pool and Spa Test Strips


Photometric Water Testers by EXACT

  • EXACT Photometric sensors and reagant strips for free and total chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide and more
  • Bluetooth enabled iDip multiparameter tester for total alkalinity, free chlorine, combined chlorine, pH and more

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Digital Testers

  • Digital Handheld Testers for conductivity, pH, ORP and Total Dissolved Solids.
  • Compact digital photometers for free chlorine and iron.
  • In line battery powered TDS sensors with easy to read LCD display and splash proof housing


Buffer Solutions

  • RICCA pH buffer solutions
  • EMEC ph, turbidity, redox, conductivity and Oxygen Buffer solutions


Corrosion Coupons

  • Copper, Stainless or Mild steel corrosion coupons available for use with our Aquaproducts corrosion racks

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