Small volume economical mini-demineraliser.

  • recommended flow up to 2 lpm
  • 1 litre of mixed bed resin purifies 150 litres of town water (typical)
  • easy resin replacement
  • ideal for laboratory use, pharmaceutical ingredients, battery filling, streak free cleaning, water polisher

Team with:

ZYIA flowmeter for flow controland HM Digital in-line TDS meter

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Demineraliser Bottles

AuaProducts Ltd also provide mixed bed resin in convenient refillable pressure vessels for larger volumes.

We can supply the resin for you to refill the bottles yourself, or we can offer an exchange service on request


Regenerating Demineralisers

  • automatic Autotrol control heads
  • cation and anion exchange resin bottles
  • high quality demineralising resin
  • flows 3 – 22 LPM
  • automatic or semi-automatic regeneration using hydrochloric acid and caustic soda