ERMES and its advanced remote management system will become your most reliable assistant for monitoring all your systems no matter where you are, with the ease and quickness of a web app.

ERMES is able to oversee and manage parameters of all operating EMEC enabled systems, monitoring probes, instrument inputs, product levels, temperature and setpoints. You’ll be able to easily read, analyse and modify the instruments parameters immediately and comfortably from your PC, smartphone or tablet, through a simple but powerful interface.

If you purchased an EMEC system with ETHERNET or GSM configuration, you can connect it by creating a free account on the ERMES website.  Once logged in you can set up your site locations, assign them a name and then insert all your plants and EMEC control instruments (with the Code displayed in their Service menu) in a simple, intuitive and safe way. By remotely controlling all the parameters of your control instruments you can so manage all EMEC products (like metering pumps and probes) that are connected to the instruments via RS485 protocol, and read a complete chronology of the parameters as well as viewing saved logs represented as graphs. You can also upload data from unconnected instruments via USB and use ERMES to display them as graphs.

ERMES system also enables you to add an unlimited number of new users who can access to your systems for reading or modifying parameters – depending on their access level – of already registered instruments.

Upon request, ERMES can keep you constantly informed via email or SMS about instruments status and about potential alarms with different report options, considerably reducing the need of on-site operations and inspections. Thanks to ERMES you are the first to be informed to promptly intervene if necessary. Real-time supervision, analysis and setting, everywhere you are, through diagrams and reports, to optimise your systems performances: ERMES will make you improve your work organization, enabling you to easily plan routine operations with no extra cost.

If you would like to know more or for a demonstration please contact us.