Solenoid Metering Pumps

Chemical Dosing Pumps 0-60lph
0 – 100% stroke rate adjustment
0 – 100% stroke length adjustment (A and K series)
Analogue and Digital Control Options
Foot or Wall Mounts
Manual and Self Venting


Peristaltic Metering Pumps

Low Cost Dosing Pumps, 0-20lph
Timer Option
Suit Intermittent Operation with Minimal back Pressure



Pneumatic Metering Pumps

Air Driven Chemical Dosing pumps, 0-260lph
Analogue and Digital Control Options
Wall or DIN Rail Mounting
Max 120 Strokes per Minute

PRIUS Motor Driven Metering Pumps

Motor driven diaphragm pumps

Up to 1000lph
Up to 100 Bar
Plunger Pump Options
Plunger Pump with built-in Controls, up to 320lph @ 10BAR

PRISMA Motor Driven Metering Pumps

Stepper-Motor driven diaphragm pumps

Foot mounted, with display
Turndown ratio 4800:1
Up to 20 Bar
Up to 80 lph



Metering Pump Accessories

Foot valves and level switches, lances, connection sets, flow sensors, multifunction valves, brackets and tubing